The Retro Car of the future was amazing !

Back when I was a kid this was the car of the future . It was launched in January 1985 in England .Powered by a 12-volt lead acid battery, the C5 had a claimed range of 20 miles – enough to cover many people’s commutes to work – but it could only travel at 15mph. It’s other disadvantages were a lack of of weatherproofing, while the C5’s low build and driving position left drivers feeling exposed and vulnerable in traffic. You definitely wouldn’t be doing well on the main roads that was for sure. It was more of a leisurely drive along cycleways on a nice day sort of vehicle. At least as long as it didn’t rain ,or even worse snow…

In order to overcome a very limited range the C5 came with pedals, while its handlebar steering also pointed to its purpose. Sinclair proposed the C5 as a compromise between a car and a bicycle, but the concept proved to be unappealing to most people unfortunately. Therefore it didn’t take long before they were discounted ,and the company soon folded due to lack of sales.

The future is electric !

Sir Clive Sinclair was well ahead of his time with his inventions. He was best known for his Zx computers. Especially the Spectrum that sold in the millions. Unfortunately the C5 only sold a few thousands before it folded, but rumour has it someone out there would like to reboot the classic…..


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