The Last of the Vikings.

Jarle Andhøy is a Norwegian adventurer and sailing skipper. He has undertaken a number of controversial voyages, primarily to the polar region. Some see him as the last of the true Vikings. Authority's see him as a troublemaker that put himself and others in danger. What do the readers think ?


Cold Response 2022 .

The exercise is scheduled for March and April 2022 and will be led by the Norwegian Joint Headquarters. The first allied troops arrived in Norway in the autumn and winter 2021–22 to train and prepare for the exercise. The military activity will mainly take place in south-eastern Norway, central Norway and the northern parts of the country. As of …

Katapult Holdings. Is it about to rally after beating expectations?

Its been a tough time since Katapult listed trough a SPAC last year. They withdrew forward expectations because of the uncertainty with lockdowns and problems in logistical chains. People can't finance products that haven't arrived in the shop. The threat of inflation also put dark clouds on the horizons. The share price went from a …

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