U Power going back to 75 USD long term ?

China-based U Power Ltd $U Power(UCAR)$  was founded in Shanghai in 2013. They have also set up a small branch in Sunnyvale California. They are trying to break into the EV market as a one stop solution with great visions, but a need for more cash to take the ideas to the next level. Therefore they did an IPO on the US stockmarket.

The quiet period is set to end on Tuesday, May 30th. They issued 2,416,667 shares in its public offering on April 20th. The total size of the offering was $14,5 million based on an initial share price of $6.00.A lot of complaining has been forthcoming regarding the total lack of communication since then.But there is a reason for them staying quiet. During the company’s quiet period, insiders and any underwriters involved in the IPO are restricted from issuing any research reports for the company because of SEC regulations. Following the expiration of the company’s quiet period, it’s expected that the brokerages that served as underwriters on the stock will initiate research coverage on the company. So expect another wild ride next month. Being such a small float it would be easy to drive the share price in any direction for speculators.

They are best known for setting up battery swap station solutions. Instead of charging your battery, you just swap it, and save time and potentially money. The day of the IPO sent shares soaring 620% and triggered a bevy of halts for volatility as investors flipped shares of the newest company to list in the US.

The startup surged as high as $75 before closing at $43.18 after pricing its initial public offering at $6. It capped the best debut among companies to list in the US this year after smashing past the 255% boom seen for shares of Multi Ways Holdings Ltd.

U Power was halted over 20 times on the first day after listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market. The company’s gross proceeds are expected to be about $14.5 million, before deductions. The day after the stock crashed down to 7.50 leaving many traders in the red with losses for many at over 80 percent.

$Extreme volatility among tiny, new stocks is pretty common for investors. IPOs frequently experience gut-wrenching trading in their opening days and weeks. U Power is a new company with big visions and determination. They remind me about Tesla when they started up. They have a long way to go, and could go a long way if they keep the focus on streamlining and innovating the battery market. They could become the one stop place for all your EV needs in the future, and if they succeed this could be a very valuable investment in the long term run. That’s why I have bought into this company. I don’t worry about my short term losses, but focus on the long term goal. It’s a risky gamble you might say, but I see it more as a calculated risk worth taking as long as u are also comfortable with the chance of high losses. Only risk what you are comfortable losing when it comes to startups. Most will fail.

Happy Investing everyone !


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