Watch “Coins & Stamps to Watch” on YouTube

When I was a child I collected coins. Sometimes I would find a special one in the cobbled streets of the town I grew up in. Other times they would turn up in money I made collecting bottles. If I was lucky I would get some money for my Birthday from a relative, and go down to the local coindealer and buy a special coin. My favourite coins was the ones with a lot of history to them. I would learn about different countries, kings and adventourus travels and people from far away. I would dream about travelling the world, and kept on collecting until I was old enough to go places on my own. My collection is now stored away on the other side of the world from where I have ended up. It never made me any money as such, but it made me feel rich in learning about the world, and different cultures. You can be rich or poor, and have a nice collection. The true value of a collection is in the eye of the beholder. The link here leads to one collector that has a great amount of interesting stamps and coins, and a passion for history. Click the link and subscribe! I would love to see him reach a 1000 followers so that he can monetize his site and buy more coins and stamps from around the world to share with us on his YouTube channel!


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